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New cover artist Kanaxa – fresh new colors, fresh new look!

All her light—and all his love—may not be enough to hold the nightmares at bay…

Guardians of Light, Book 4

Mingling with other races is strictly forbidden, but dream faerie Pryseis has no choice. An innocent goblin child suffers dangerous nightmares, and it should be a simple task to cure him and return to her anxious sisters before the council knows she’s gone.

Yet there’s a reason a creature of air and sunlight has no business underground. Now in chains, prisoner of an ungrateful goblin sorcerer, Pryseis despairs that anyone will save her. Her only comfort—the memory of a man she can only touch in her dreams.

Benilo ta Myran, with the reluctant blessing of his elven king and queen, takes up a quest some would call mad, driven by the certain knowledge that the beautiful faerie who invades his dreams is in danger. He carries a terrible secret—war has broken his healing powers—yet he cannot leave her to face the darkness alone.

The first touch of their flesh surpasses their most erotic dreams, but the nightmare has just begun. There’s the suffering child, and a sorcerer who won’t go down without a fight. And the clock is ticking down for Pryseis, who must return home—or fade away.

Warning: Beware of wounded bunnies, hungry trolls, low ceilings, glowing mold and goblins bearing gifts. Most of all, beware beautiful faeries and hot elves appearing in your dreams. They may lead you astray…and steal your heart.


Fear. The power to make or break. Does it make you cower and give up? Or does it propel you onward? Sometimes fear can be useful, when a smaller fear can be used to conquer a greater fear.

I’d spent my whole life in fear. Growing up, it was fear of boredom, fear of sameness. Yearning for adventure. Then Queen Sunniva and…THAT MAN…turned my world upside down. I had more adventure than I bargained with. Fear of Sunniva destroying my country overcame my personal fear. Fear that if I didn’t act, more people would end up like me…or worse. 

Fear of opening myself up again. To trust, to let people in, is a risk. If you let them matter, you give them the power to hurt you. But fear of living in the colorless void of the Grey was worse than the fear of the light and color of emotions – joy, sorrow.

It is a great thing to move past the fear. To rule your own life, to act instead of react. I am not a victim. What was done to me was not my fault. Evil people chose to do evil things, and I chose to not give it power over me. Choice. The ultimate empowering weapon. I choose, thus do I control my own destiny. We write our own stories, one decision at a time. Never be afraid to make a decision, have the courage to stand by it. Making a mistake is not the greatest error. We can learn from them. The greatest mistake is to be so afraid of messing up, of falling, that we never find the courage to jump, to act. I would rather look back and say “at least I tried, I did something” than to look back and realize your life accounts for nothing, that you made no difference because you never tried.