What defines a Guardian, anyway? Some are obvious. Professionals. Soldiers and sailors, law enforcement, security. Some would argue even spies play their part. Politicians? The good ones. (We’ve all seen the damage a BAD one can do, so stands to reason a GOOD one would be just as effective in reverse…)

But what IS a Guardian? I think it’s the one, or the few, looking out for the many. Or the one, or the few, looking out for the one, or the few. Nurturers are Guardians. Parents. Healers. Teachers. Obvious again.

I think we ALL have the capacity to be Guardians. It’s a choice. You help or you hinder. That simple. If someone is struggling with too many bags, offer to help – or at least hold a door open. If a friend’s vehicle breaks down, offer to give them a ride. If a coworker’s swamped, ask them to delegate some to you. If a school friend’s struggling with a subject, help them study. If a neighbor’s ill and can’t get out, walk their dog or mow their lawn for them. Simply looking out for one another is a form of “guarding.” Therefore, we’re all Guardians. May we all be ACTIVE Guardians.