I got SUCH a bad rap in LYCAN TIDES! So here’s the real deal:

I got into a lot of trouble by believing the only parent I remember. I don’t remember my mother at all. I was raised by my father, Spiridon. Sheltered from the world, my own truth was what Spiridon said. I didn’t know any different…until I found that book and met Niadh and Trystan. All of a sudden, there were words like “honor” and “guardian” and I realized there was more to life and I could actually have a PURPOSE…

I realized I had to take responsibility for my own actions, that it’s not enough to just blindly obey. I had to decide what kind of person I wanted to be, and make myself become that person. No one else could do it for me.

The power of self-actualization and choice. Never follow the crowd. Follow your own heart and conscience.