Mercy? Forgiveness? The hardest thing in the world is to lay your enemies to rest while they’re still breathing. Queen Sunniva is gone, and her henchmen are gone, but we Shamaru spent so much time hating the Shamari invaders it’s hard to see the people behind the word. Wolf and I coined a new word – “Shamarans” – as a merging of the two peoples. No longer two polar ends but a blending. Unfortunately, words blend swifter than people. Wolf lost everything, and I nearly so, but even our “marriage of necessity” is frought with tension sometimes.

I know they’re just people, and everyone suffered. But it wasn’t the Shamari in those brothels, in those prisons. Stars! What we found in the port cities of Marcou made me want to resurrect and kill Sunniva all over again. Queen of Butchers. We have healers for body and spirit, but only time shall tell if we can regain our souls.

My biggest bone of contention is the people who sat back and let it happen. Fear and complacency, the “at least it’s not happening to me” mentality is the biggest poison this land and people endured. Trying to restore heart and courage in a whipped dog. Wolf and I, and Haznal and Jovan, try to show the people that it CAN work. Everyone fights. We can’t agree on everything all the time, but it makes me crazy every time Wolf and I argue and someone takes it to the people and everyone says “SEE? Told you it would never work.”


And Wolf and I love each other! The Shamaran people? They have a long way to go. It’s a good thing I’m the stubbornest woman in the land! Sometimes it comes in handy.