Everyone sees one of two things when they look at me – “half-dragon fire mage” or “queen of the elves.” What they so conveniently forget is that I started out an orphan, a peasant who was a public healer and a secret warrior. VERY secret. Women weren’t permitted to train, let alone fight, which seriously hampers in a situation when you need every available body. Everyone thinks “but you were a princess in disguise.” But I was the bastard daughter of the king – you think that’s something we brag about here in this world?

There are so many lies and liars in the world. No matter intentions, truth is always better. That’s what the elves believed, which is why the king and queen, the ultimate authority figures, wear crowns bespelled to always make the wearer tell the truth. Life-Mates are soul bound, heart and mind to each other, but royalty in power also can’t lie to their subjects. Considering what happened to Maleta’s land Shamar under the rule of Queen Sunniva, I no longer consider it a bad thing to tell the truth. You never have to try to keep it straight.

People need to remember where they came from! Everyone was a squalling little baby once, a little kid with a runny nose and skinned knees. They all had to learn to walk, to talk, to ride a bike or a horse and to drive a car. Your world’s no different from mine except for technology and trappings. My king gets tired and hungry and frustrated and crabby the same as my lady’s maid. Never get too uppity because everyone’s equal inside. No one is greater or lesser than anyone else, no matter what their title or position or occupation. We’re all just people. We breathe, eat, sleep, dream, laugh, cry, hope and worry.